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46 years ago. A historical victory over Bayern Munchen

In the European Cup of 1974/75 season, the USSR champion Ararat Yerevan reached the quarterfinals where the title holder Bayern Munich was the rival of the Yerevan team. The Germans won 2-0 at the Munich Olympic Stadium two weeks ago in the first leg.

Before the second leg game, Bayern striker Gerd Müller noted that a tough match awaits his team, and head coach Dietmar Krammer was convinced that his players had overcome the crisis and were ready to show a good game.

Haimen, a journalist from the well-known German magazine Kicker, warned, however, that in his country the capabilities of Ararat were underestimated. Haimen was convinced that Ararat in Germany did not show all its capabilities, since it did not have enough time and practice to prepare for the match (the USSR Championship started on April 12, 1975.) Journalist, in an article published before the game, noted that the Armenian team can achieve success not only by its intransigence but also by its good tactics and ability to play fast and combination football.

The historic game took place on March 19, 1975, at the Hrazdan stadium, where over 70,000 fans came to support Ararat.


Ararat and Bayern captains Hovhannes Zanazanyan and Franz Beckenbauer before the second leg quarter-final match of the European Cup

The match against the most titled German club, which had 8 reigning world champions in its starting lineup, will forever remain in the memory of Armenian football fans. On this day, the Yerevan team gave a real battle to the Germans, having won a well-deserved victory. The only goal of the match, with an assist of Nikolai Ghazaryan, was scored by the legendary Arkady Andriasyan.

Ghazaryan, who played with an injury, but had an excellent game, was replaced by the future star of Armenian football, t20th centuriies best player of Armenia, Khoren Hovhannisyan, who made his debut for Ararat that day.

After the match, the opinion of the Bayern head coach changed. Krammer was dissatisfied with the game of Uli Henes and not only ․ “We should have used him more in defense as he did nothing playing forward. We do not have the right to celebrate passing to the semi-finals. We were closed at our goals, we were surpassed in possession of the ball and in mobility. Ararat got on its feet in two weeks, and we seemed to be inferior to them in class, ”the head coach of the Germans noted at the post-match press conference.

Having overcome Ararat, Bayern following the results of two-leg games also passed the French Saint-Etienne, and in the final, they defeated the champion of England Leeds United becoming a two-time winner of the European Champions Cup, and Eduard Markarov from Ararat and Gerd Müller from Bayern became the top scorers of the tournament with 5 goals.

03/19/1975, 18-30
Hrazdan Stadium, 70400 spectators
FC Ararat 1։0 Bayern
Goal: Arkady Andriasyan

Ararat - Alyosha Abrahamyan, Sanasar Gevorkyan, Norayr Mesropyan, Alexander Mirzoyan, Arkady Andriasyan, Sergey Bondarenk, Hovhannes Zanazanyan (Nazar Petrosyan), Levon Ishtoyan, Eduard Markarov, Nikolay Ghazaryan (Khoren Hovhannisyan)

Bayern Munich - Sepp Mayer, Joni Hansen, Bier Anderson, Hans-Georg Schwarzenbeck, Franz Beckenbauer, Bernd Dürnberger, Uli Henes, Hans-Josef Kapelmann, Gerd Müller, Koni Torstenson, Klaus Wunder (Karl-Heinz Rumenige)

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