Sunday, 01 August 2021 15:39

Official statement: Karen Muradyan

Karen Muradyan has left Ararat.
Friday, 30 July 2021 23:43

Ararat leaves the Europea after a thriller draw

The second leg ended in a draw - 3:3
Thursday, 29 July 2021 13:42

Grigor Muradyan and Serob Galstyan are moving to CSKA on loan

18-year-old football players move to CSKA
Thursday, 29 July 2021 09:27

Ararat held a pre-game training session in Wroclaw

Ararat will play the match at another beautiful European stadium
Thursday, 29 July 2021 09:19

Vardan Bichakhchyan: "A good defense and a high-quality attack is our plan"

On July 28, Vardan Bichakhchyan gave a pre-match press conference.
Thursday, 29 July 2021 09:03

Edgar Malakyan: "We didn't come just to participate in the match"

Edgar Malakyan's pre-match press conference.
Thursday, 29 July 2021 08:54

Ararat arrived in Wroclaw

Wroclaw met Ararat with a temperature of about 30 degrees