Sunday, 25 July 2021 18:35

Ararat - Slask 2:4

In the second qualifying round of the UEFA Conference League, Ararat plays with the Polish Slask.

The first match was held at the Gyumri city Stadium and ended with the victory of the Polish team- 4:2


The beginning of the match was held in a calm struggle. Both teams did not attack with large forces, expecting an opponent's mistake.

The first dangerous moment of the game was created by Ararat - Mory Kone struck with a seam from a very close distance. Bichakhchyan's team did not take advantage of their moment and "was punished". In the 20th minute, after a pass from a corner, a goal was scored by Slask. 

After the goal, Ararat was forced to step up. A good opportunity to score goals  Mori Kone and Serge Deble. The opponent was also active and had dangerous moments, but Vsevolod Ermakov saved Ararat in all cases.


The beginning of the second half was very stormy. Ararat immediately rushed forward and in the 49th minute, Juan Bravo's header was accurate - 1:1։

The next attack was a goal for Slask. In the 50th minute, Fabian Piasecki again put the visitors ahead.

After this goal, even more, open football began to go on. Dangerous moments followed each other. In the 70th minute of the match, Pich made the score 3:1

At the end of the meeting, the teams exchanged goals again. Razmik Hakobyan was the author of the goal in the Ararat, and Pich scored a double in the first minute of the match.

Thus, "Shlensk" won the first match. The second leg will be held on July 29.

UEFA, second qualifying round of the conference
Gyumri, City Stadium
Ararat - Slask 2:4
Goals: Juan Bravo 49, Razmik Hakobyan 84 - Golla 20, Piasecki 50, Pich 70, 90+1

Ararat - 45․ Vsevolod Ermakov 29․ Marco Prjevic 5 ․ Hrayr Mkoyan 8․ Zhirayr Margaryan 44․ Juan Bravo (2.Robert Hakobyan, 80) 55. Dimitrije Of Pobulic (22. Igor Stanojevic, 71) 19 ․ Karen Muradyan 10. Serge Deble (17․ Yakouba Silue, 71) 26 ․ Alik Arakelyan (11. David Manoyan, 61) 18․Edgar Malakyan (9. Razmik Hakobyan 61) 98 ․ Mory Kone

Śląsk - 22․ Michal Szromnik, 14․ Wojciech Golla, 39․ Szymon Lewkot, 4․ Dino Stiglec 19․ Patrick Janasik (10․ Bartlomiej Pawlowski, 74) 7. Robert Pich, 29․ Krzysztof Maczynski (17․ Petr Schwarz, 80) 23. Víctor García 6․ Rafal Makowski, 9․ Erik Expósito 11․ Fabian Piasecki(5. Waldemar Sobota, 65)