Friday, 30 July 2021 23:43

Ararat leaves the Europea after a thriller draw

In the second qualifying round of the UEFA Conference League, the opponent of Ararat was the Polish Slask. The first match, which took place in Gyumri, ended with the victory of the Wroclaw team 4:2.

The second leg took place at the city stadium of Wroclaw and ended with a score of 3: 3


The match started very difficultly for the Yerevan team. Already in the 2nd minute, Pich managed to open the score of the match.


Of course, the start was difficult, but Ararat would not have been Ararat if it had not fought. After several dangerous moments, the ball finally appeared in the home team's goal in the 41st minute. Kone distinguished himself. A few minutes later, Kone already scored a double, and our team got the advantage with a score of 2.1


The home team started the second half very actively. The Polish team constantly threatened the goal of "Ararat" and in the 58th minute, Lewkot equalized the score - 2:2. Slask continued an active game and in the 66th minute already took the lead in the score. The author of the goal was Robert Pich, who scored a double.

By its nature, Ararat fought to the end and equalized the score at the end of the match. The goal was scored by Yakuba Silue.

Thus, Ararat leaves the fight in European competitions.

Slask - Ararat - 3:3
Wroclaw, city stadium, 10250 spectators
UEFA Conference League, Qualification Round, 2nd round
Goals: Robert Pich-2, 66, Lewkot 58, Kone 40, 42, Silue 90

Śląsk Wrocław 3:3 Ararat FC
Pich 2', 67', Lewkot 58' - Kone 41', 43', Silue 89'

Śląsk Wrocław: Szromnik – Lewkot, Golla, Tamás – Janasik (87' Pawłowski), Mączyński, Makowski, Garcia – Praszelik (38' Sobota), Pich, Exposito (87' Piasecki); Head coach: Jacek Magiera
Ararat Erywań: Jermakow – Bravo, Prljević, Mkojan, Margarjan – Pobulić, Manojan (73' G. Malakjan)– Arakeljan (63' Stanojevic), Déblé (73' Silue), E. Malakjan (63' Hakobyan) – Head coach: Vardan Bichakhchyan